Tips for Traveling on a Tight Budget

Traveling does not have to break your bank. You can travel on a tight budget and still get a fantastic experience. Travel enables you to see the world, interact with different cultures, enjoy exotic views, learn new things, and most importantly traveling expands your thinking and opens your eyes to the world. These tight budget travel tools will help you start planning for your next trip and enable you to travel more.

Plan in Advance

Spontaneous travel is fun, but that is if you have the luxury of money and time. Otherwise, it will be crucial that you plan your trip in advance. This means that you know when you will travel, where you will visit, where you will stay and the activities you intend to undertake. This helps you come up with a budget, leaving little room for unexpected expenses such as last minute accommodation and flight bookings. It also helps you to figure out the clothes you will need to carry, which saves you from unexpected shopping.

Travel Out of Season

Avoid traveling during school holidays or the festive season. Prices of accommodation, flights, and even food are normally hiked during such seasons. Plan to travel during the low seasons to benefit from discounts issued by airlines and hotels to attract customers. Research on the best time to travel to your destination then travel right before or after. This is usually called the shoulder season as you still get to enjoy your visit but at a lower cost.


It would be nice to live and stay in the best hotels in town, but you have to save the pennies. And it is for this reason that apps like Airbnb and Couchsurfing are your friend when traveling on a tight budget. They allow you to live in a local person’s extra room at a small fee. You can also opt to live in dorms or hostels, which will enable you to share costs and meet new people. You can even stay with family and friends. Reach out to them and get to catch up while saving on accommodation. You can also plan your trip to be around areas where you know someone who can host you.

Pack Smart

Why pay luggage fees when you could pack smart and avoid this? List what you need and leave out any unnecessary things. If the carrier you are using charges for checked bags, park smart to fit everything in your carry on bag. Packing smart also means that you won’t leave anything necessary behind which might make you end up spending money on things you left behind.


Cheap food can be bought from the supermarket. Choose to live in a place with kitchen amenities as this allows you to cook for yourself to save a lot of your money. If you want to have an experience of the local delicacies, choose to eat where many locals are eating as such places are cheaper than overly priced hotels and restaurants.
You don’t have to wait till you get rich or win a lottery for you to start traveling. With these tips, you will travel on a tight budget and get to see the world.