The Ultimate Guide to Choosing the Right Travel Bag

Traveling is fun, and choosing the right luggage can make it even better. There is no one size fits all when it comes to the best bag for you. The right bag boils down to your personal preferences, where you are going, duration of stay, your budget and preferred additional features. If you are planning for your next travel and looking for travel bag, here are the Options you need to keep in mind during shopping.

1. Backpacks

traveling backpackBackpacks allow you to go hands-free and thus you do not get tired quickly. Due to this, they are ideal for people who love outdoor activities such as campers and trekkers. If you are looking for travel bag for such activities, choose one which is dark colored as outdoor activities expose you to dust and mud. It should also have side compartments where you put things you will need to use frequently such as a camera, water bottle, etc.

2. Duffel Bags

Duffel bags look like an all-purpose sack; the kind you carry to the gym. They are easy to carry with two handles which makes it easy for two people to share the luggage weight. If you need it in medium size choose one with wheels or back straps as to avoid straining your arms and shoulders.

3. Suitcase

Suitcases enable you to arrange your things in an orderly manner. They also come with wheels making it easy for you to move the luggage. For work trips, weddings, vacations, etc. suitcases are ideal for you as your clothes will remain intact throughout your travel.
other primary factors to consider include;


How often do you travel? You need to choose durable luggage especially if you are buying it for air travel. Checked luggage is normally handled by other people who might not be as careful as you are with the luggage. Durability ensures that you do not end up buying another luggage after a few trips.

Size and Material

quality bagMajor airlines allow a maximum of 45 inches for carry-on luggage and 62 inches for checked luggage. Check with your airline to avoid inconvenience during boarding time by ending up leaving the bag behind or paying extra fees. Soft bags are better when you need squeezable luggage for ease of carrying or fitting in overhead compartments. They also absorb shock better. On the other hand, hard bags are good for protecting fragile items you need to carry.

Additional Features

Check the interior of the bag to ensure that it fits your needs. It is preferable that you buy a bag with many belts and pouches with some pouches being water-proof to keep wet things. Looped clips at the top of the bag allow you to clip in a smaller one on it making your travel easier.
Ensure that the wheels are sturdy and the back straps are well padded to make them comfortable. If you are buying luggage for outdoor activities choose one with a dark color. If it is for air travel buy a bright colored one to make it easier to spot at the airport. No matter which bag you decide to buy, ensure that it will meet your needs for a long time.