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  • The number of acres covered by Yorkshire is more than the number of letters in the King James Bible.

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    Yorkshire Day 2013 saw an unprecedented outbreak of Yorkshire flag-flying. Click to see photos of the Ring of Roses that blossomed around the county boundary.

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    Are you 'Proud to be Yorkshire'? We want to hear from sons and daughters of Yorkshire who know why recognising where they're from matters. See site for details


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It seems that you don't have the Southern Boundary quite right if the South Yorkshire/NE Derbyshire boundary coincides with the Yorkshire boundary.

The boundary as you have it marked puts parts of Sheffield (and therefore South Yorkshire) outside Yorkshire.

If I have misunderstood historic concerns or something I apologise, or if admin boundaries do not correlate to county lines.

I have drawn on the things I know at




The boundary shown on the map above does exclude parts of Sheffield which were incorporated into the city during the 1930s and represent areas taken in from Derbyshire and thus not part of the historic county of Yorkshire. Whether this is an appropriate way to go is another thing but there is a reason why the historic boundary does not coincide with administrative boundaries.


Bill Braham

This recent map published by Yorkshire Tourism to celebrate Yorkshire's Olympic Gold Medallists demonstrates why we need an up to date map showing the 'real' Yorkshire.

Kenneth's point above about the Yorkshire boundary around Sheffield also raises a key question as to which boundary should be shown? Kenneth's map shows the Sheffield municpal boundary as it was modified through the C20th before 1st April 1974 (the singularly appropriate date at which the 1972 Local Government Act came into force).

So I pose the question as to what we mean by the boundary of Yorkshire? In essence this is simple enough for most of the 'occupied territories' but there are niggles primarily on the external West Riding boundary around Todmorden and southwest Sheffield and even the Saddleworth/Mossley area. What should our map show?

The simple answer, namely the one that would depict the historic boundary as mapped by The Historic Counties Boundary Project. Yet what about those folk in the areas of Sheffield that area historically Derbyshire, who may now feel themselves to be Yorkshire 'born & bred'. I do not offer any answer but it is a question that ought to be considered even if the historic boundary ultimately the one we run with.


It's good to see you've got the small villages of Saddleworth on the "right" side of the border (despite what Oldham Borough Council think).

It's always a bit iffy deciding whether they go in Lancashire or not, but having lived there for about 15 years (before moving to the dry side of the Pennines) the people there are definitely more "Yorkshire" than people from Oldham and Manchester.

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