5 Must Have Travel Accessories

Travel is fun! It is even more fun if you can get the right accessories which make your packing, travel, and the entire trip easier and cheaper. Travelers look for ways to save space, money, and time whenever they travel. This list of must-have travel accessories will help you achieve exactly that. The accessories cut across the board as they are must-haves for any kind of travel, whether you are traveling for work or vacation.

Day Backpack

A daypack is a back strap bag you use to carry your essential items during the day as you travel. It is where you keep things like camera, phone, travel documents, etc. Whether you are going to urban or rural areas, hiking or the beach, a day pack is essential. It keeps your essential items safe and allows you to navigate the area without worrying about losing your items. When buying a daypack, ensure that it comes with comfortable straps. You should also be considerate about the size based on the things you need to use during the day. A daypack which charges your gadgets is a bonus.

International Adapter

Different countries have different power supply voltages. Some countries electrical system uses 110-120 volts while others use 200-240 volts. Some use alternating current while others use direct current. An international adapter enables you to use electronic devices electric shavers, mobile phones, laptop, camera, radio, batteries, etc. without worrying about their safety. The adapter changes the supplied current to the one your electronic device uses, thus protecting it from potential damage. Choose an adapter with more than 5 ports to ensure you have enough outlets for all your devices.accessories for traveling

Documents Holder

A document holder is a vanity travel accessory. It is one of the most important things that you must have during your travel. You do not want to end up at the airport having forgotten your ticket or passport. This accessory allows you to organize and have all your travel documents and other essential things like cash and credit cards in one quickly accessible place. When buying one, choose a sturdy holder with compartments to ensure that you can verify to have carried all your essential documents at a glance.


A padlock is small yet one of the most overlooked essential travel accessories. It adds an extra layer of security and gives you peace of mind that your items are safe, thus enabling to enjoy your travel fully. A padlock is a must have, especially if you will be staying in a hostel where you are likely to be sharing the room.

Water Purifier Bottle

A bottle is a must-have when traveling to keep yourself hydrated. But you don’t just need a bottle, you need a water purifier bottle. Whether you are traveling to areas with undrinkable tap water or not, a purifying bottle adds safety to your health while saving your money, and conserving the environment by avoiding buying drinking water in plastics. You have saved the money, planned and eagerly waited for your travel. These accessories will make it even more comfortable and fun.